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Pence Septic Systems located on the central east coast of Florida.
Pence Septic Tanks installs aerobic septic systems
Pumping your septic tank system is probably the single most important thing you can do to protect your system. If the buildup of solids in the tank becomes too high and solids move to the drainfield, this could clog and strain the system to the point where a new drainfield will be needed.
Pence Land Materials, Inc. operates a large fleet of dump trucks delivering fill dirt, topsoil, sand, and rock to job sites throughout Brevard County, Florida
Pence Septic Testimonials

  •               J.S.        Melbourne, FL

Donna, in the almost 32 years that we have been working with Pence for our home septic needs;---specifically working with YOU for our septic needs…each and every time I have talked with you I have been met with such a cheery, helpful and knowledgeable attitude and you have solved, almost immediately, any and all problems I encountered.  You were calming and encouraging…like who wants poopy in their bath tubs?...and I would know after talking with you that no matter what it took to solve the septic issue, it would be handled quickly, efficiently and fairly.  It has always been a pleasure working with you and today when I had to call again I was reminded how wonderful you are and just wanted Mr. Pence to know that.

  •            J.E.        Palm Bay, FL

The person I spoke to make an appointment has phone etiquette and professional. I called other septic company and Pence is the most affordable one. They came as specified with the time window they told me. The work was clean and tidy. They didn’t make a mess on the grass. I recommend this company.

  •               B.K.        Palm Bay, FL
            They went out ahead of time to check things out and discovered that I did not need a new drain field and that it was a pump in the bottom of the                     system that was not working.  This discovery saved me a ton of money - something that would have cost me $4000.00 was not costing me $535.00!                Big savings by their expertise in checking things out in detail!!!
  •              G.W.       Melbourne, FL
            Arrived promptly on scheduled date and time. They were very professional and efficient. They got the job done with no surprises or issues and                 they did not leave a mess. I am pleased with their service and happy to refer them.
  •                H.K.        Malabar, FL
            Office and field personnel were professional and courteous. Worked with me getting prepared and executing the installation. Worked well with plumbing contractor                       getting system connected to the existing house. Minimized damage to existing shrubs and trees. Gave good advice on care and maintenance of system. Worked out                 permitting issues and documents in a professional manner. These folks knew what they were doing and did a good job.
  •                R.B.         Melbourne, FL
            Service was prompt as scheduled.  System was thoroughly cleaned including the filter which was not even aware of even after two other contractors had pumped             the tank without even mentioning there was a filter.  They could just as easy ignored this like the other two but insisted they would clean it out for me as it should               have been.
  •              D.G.        Palm Bay, FL
          The work turned out fine. I have no complaints against them. They were on time and left the property in good shape.

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